Welcome to the Mother and Child Overabundant Milk and Overactive Letdown Repository. This site gathers together all of the information I have collected with my experiences with Overabundant Milk as a mother, a lay breastfeeding consultant, and as a researcher. The MilkBlog records my personal experiences with OAM and OALD with my third child, the Documents page links to downloadable pdf's of detailed information on OAM, and OALD, the FAQ page answers common questions that mothers ask themselves and others when coping with OAM and OALD, and the Experiences page logs the past and present journeys of other mothers with OAM.

This repository is at the beginning of its journey - currently the most detailed information is available in the Documents page in the article The Effects Of An Overabundant Milk Supply And A Forceful Let-Down Reflex (pdf).

Please feel free to contact me for information, comments or to submit your own experiences.