Little Screams

She's not even a month old and she's already annoyed by all the milk. When the flow gets too fast she comes off the breast with a little scream and contorted face. She goes right back on cause she's a tiny baby that wants to eat more than anything but you can see it's already hard for her little brain to cope with the flow.

I think of it this way... a young baby (under about 2-3 months) will just "cope" with the milk, click their tongue, come off and on etc because their brain goes...

"hungry, hungry, hungry, nursey. nursey nursey, suck suck, gag gag choke choke, pop off, screech, still hungy hungy, nursey, suck suck, gag gag...."

their little brains can't quite come up with any other solution but to keep eating...

but at about 2-3 months if nothing is done, or if the flow is still too much even with trying to modulate it down, then the baby tries some secondary techniques that are available to them at that developmental stage. Coming off and refusing to go back on, screaming, arching etc. Their brains have "gotten tired" of fighting and they're stronger and older and don't keep going back on. That's what I'm trying to head off.

It's very frustrating for women who are told that nursing gets "easier at 6 weeks", which IS generally true, but for nursing pairs with OAM it's the beginning of things getting harder sometimes.

The bad news is that 2-3 months is the worst time, the good news is that 2-3 months is the worst time. If we can get through the next couple of months babies nurse for as long as mom and babe want to... we just have to get there.