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We are four soon to become five. I am pregnant with my third child. With each child I have coped with overabundant milk, and with each child it has gotten partly worse and partly better. Worse because it seems that my flow gets even faster with each child, and my second child was far more intense a personality than my first. Better because I knew more, and started early to deal with what was happening.

And now I'm ready to have my third, and have it be better *and* worse. Perhaps I know more, will do more, faster. But I will also have three kids under 5, and it will be busy, crazy, and I have no idea what babe will be like.

But I know that I will cope, and I will write and I will get through it, because I have support and I have friends that will help me, and I know that even while in the midst of all of this, the fact is that if it *does* happen again it's because it's the same thing, and that the same strategies and coping techniques will work again!