K in 2009

She is two weeks old, and I can't believe she's not a month or more. The last couple weeks have been crazy with a Norwalk type illness in the older boys, and being postpartum, having tension headaches, and travelling to visit Grandparents.

We already have way too much milk, not as bad on the left side, but overwhelming on the right side. Even three or four "times" on each side I still choke her on that side. We've fallen into a routine of mostly a "quarter" day on each side.

I had chest pain last night I think the left side was so full that the weight and the fluid brought up my costochondriatis. I still choked her lying down on the left side, and I sometimes am able to hold her up on my arm, but if I have to support the breast with the right hand it hurts from the hand being so numb (even typing this is really hard and I want my hand to get back!)

She weighs over 10lbs, mom and I weighed her on the shipping scale and it said 10lb6oz. She's gaining 4oz a day! But there's no green poo or anything, and she's burping well. She's also gaining length and fitting into new outfits already so I don't think it's too much. She's very good at coming on and off and dealing with the milk, like a much older babe.

I'm thinking about using soy lechithin this time (and trying to be better about my efa intake as well). See what that does to the milk. Two weeks and we're already trying to slow things this much. I could nurse triplets I'm sure. I just with the headaches, arm pain and chest pain weren't all happening at the same time.