6 weeks old

I can't believe she's 6 weeks already. Time flies.

I don't get nearly enough time to nurse her. Good news, she gets tons of milk in a short time. Bad news, she's certainly showing signs of disliking the milk, coming on and off and giving a little yell every time she does. Nights are better mostly, the milk supply might be starting to lower slowly. I've had a cold the last couple of days and the medication can reduce milk supply slightly so lying in bed sick has been slightly better than it might have been.

They say that 6 weeks is when "breastfeeding is established"... but they don't say that that's in best case scenerios. With overabundant milk that's just the beginning of the baby's coping, and their lack of it. I'm just waiting for things to get harder, at around the 2.5 month mark. Wait for it.