emptier breast

This Too Shall Pass. This Too DOES Pass

This is the third child I've nursed. And it's still having it's ups and downs. We still get days of green poo. K is still really wary of nursing when she doesn't want to. She will SCREAM if you put her in cradle position when she doesn't want to nurse. I have to remember to nurse on the emptier side for a bit, til the letdown passes, THEN switch to the full side... which is different than nursing on both sides... cause I spend hours on each side nursing what feels like over and over again and it's still full... but then it settles a bit, then all of a sudden the other breast is bursting and I have to switch, but if I nurse her on that side and she has the full letdown things go down the toilet. Esp when it's nap time, and she wants to comfort nurse. But how to switch at all then. Cause if I go back and forth the flow just gets worse and worse.

It's a double edged sword.

But it's WORKING!

I'm starting to see out the other side. She nurses to sleep. She has good non-gassy days. She doesn't scream all evening.

Even my DS2, N finally nursed contentedly after about the 4 month mark. And nurses for many months afterwards. It's coming.

And nursing an older baby / toddler is the best thing in the world. It's so worth it. Just have to keep going through these rough patches!