Newman's cream

K. H. is born *

K was born this evening at 2:10am. Weeks of prodromal labour but the "active" labour was only 3 hrs. She was 41w3d. I'll be interested to see if that means she does better with nursing since she's "older" or whether it matters. I'm so glad that she's here, I've waited so long.

She nursed like a champ right after birth (about 15 min in), and nursed well the first night. She's got a good "latch" already, we had a bit of trauma the first night from letting her suck without trying to get her on to deep, but we'll correct that pretty quick I'm sure, got to get some new Newman's cream. She's got a strong head, and can lunge in, and get herself on already. Not really a wobbly head at all.